Digifab Introduction

Digifab is a company that specializes in CnC laser-cutting, CnC plasma-cutting and, CnC milling. With these services we can cut materials like wood, plastics, steel but also felt or leather. With help from our machines, Digifab can change your digital 2d drawing into a physical 2 or 3d model. Information about the machines or an explanation about how to setup a correct digital drawing can be found on this website.

Digifab is short for Digital Fabrication and its goal is to create the possibility for everyone to build models as easy and quick as possible. Students, (starting) design agencies but also enthusiasts can come to us with their 2D models. We don’t work with minimal orders which creates the possibility of testing your product first with only 1 or 2 prototypes.


Please browse through our online portfolio for inspiration and an idea of the possibilities.